Manage Zarafa- and Postfix-Users

Small office or home setups of Zarafa are not connected to LDAP, Active Directory or other enterprise user management systems. For this purpose Zarafa servers come with an integrated command line user management.

Unfortunately persons who are responsible for mailbox administration don’t always have technical skills or command line root access. On the other hand administrators have to manage their mail transfer agent like Postfix in parallel.

This gaps are filled perfectly by the Postfix Admin enrichment Zarafa Postfix Admin (ZPA).

Postfix Admin is a web based interface used to manage mailboxes, virtual domains, aliases and fetchmail for Postfix. ZPA extends its function so it manages accounts and aliases for Zarafa at the same time.

Quick Demo – Running on Raspberry Pi 2

Read on my next post how to install, run and access the Zarafa-Postfix-Admin.