Zarafa 7.2.5 Is Available

I’m glad to announce the availability of zarafa-7.2.5 for Arch Linux ARMv7/x64/i686.


Read how to install, run and access the server.


6 thoughts on “Zarafa 7.2.5 Is Available

  1. This is awesome!! I will soon be snap-shoting my mail server and upgrading, fingers crossed 🙂

    On another note, I had a question. How can I go about setting up and configuring DKIM for my domain/accounts on our set? I can’t seem to find any documentation specific to our setup that covers this. Could you point me in the right direction?

    Mike Smith


    1. Hey Mike,

      this can be done on the smarthost or on your mail server. You can use Opendkim on your server for this.

      Signing headers is done to proof that mails come from permitted servers and haven’t been manipulated meanwhile. So I belive the right place is to do this on the first server that’s emitting mails. In this case Postfix which is handed mails from Zarafa.

      As I’ve done with the smarthost I want to manage the opendkim private keys in ZPA. Opendkim is supposed to be able to read from mysql. However I couldn’t find time to bring up a setup.

      If you’re very impatient, then you could install the opendkim package and set it up yourself. The private keys are placed in the filesystem then.

      $> vi /etc/postfix/
      smtpd_milters = unix:/var/spool/postfix/opendkim/opendkim.sock

      $> vi /etc/opendkim/opendkim.conf
      Syslog yes
      SyslogSuccess yes
      LogWhy yes
      UMask 0111
      OversignHeaders From
      Socket local:/var/spool/postfix/opendkim/opendkim.sock
      Mode sv
      AlwaysAddARHeader true
      SendReports true

      Here you’ll find a script which will help you creating private keys (please find it halfway down the page)



  2. Hi Marti,

    I’m trying to upgrade my Zarafa 7.2.1-51847 on my RPi2 with this new 7.2.5 version.
    I ran into the following errors running the script following option B of this webpage (
    Am I doing something wrong? How should I proceed to upgrade?


    Schreenshot of the error:
    [su]# ./

    ### Pacman database update
    :: Synchronizing package databases…
    pietma is up to date
    core is up to date
    extra is up to date
    community is up to date
    alarm is up to date
    aur is up to date

    ### Retriving package dependencies

    ### Component update
    ### Update strict packages from pietma

    ### Update installed packages that depend on strict served by pietma

    warning: boost-1.58.0-2 is up to date — skipping
    warning: boost-libs-1.58.0-2 is up to date — skipping
    warning: gsoap-2.8.22-2 is up to date — skipping
    warning: php-5.6.30-1 is up to date — skipping
    warning: php-enchant-5.6.30-1 is up to date — skipping
    warning: php-fpm-5.6.30-1 is up to date — skipping
    warning: php-imap-5.6.30-1 is up to date — skipping
    warning: mariadb-10.1.21-1 is up to date — skipping
    there is nothing to do

    ### Systemupdate
    ### Ignore strict packages served by pietma
    –ignore boost
    –ignore boost-libs
    –ignore gsoap
    –ignore php
    –ignore php-enchant
    –ignore php-fpm
    –ignore php-imap

    ### Ignore installed packages that depend on strict served by pietma
    –ignore mariadb

    :: Starting full system upgrade…
    :: Replace fuse with extra/fuse2? [Y/n]
    :: Replace libdbus with core/dbus? [Y/n]
    :: Replace mesa-libgl with pietma/mesa? [Y/n]
    :: Replace mesa-libgl with extra/mesa? [Y/n]
    warning: cannot replace mesa-libgl by mesa
    :: Replace raspberrypi-firmware-bootloader with alarm/raspberrypi-bootloader? [Y/n]
    :: Replace raspberrypi-firmware-bootloader-x with alarm/raspberrypi-bootloader-x? [Y/n]
    :: Replace raspberrypi-firmware-tools with alarm/raspberrypi-firmware? [Y/n]
    :: Replace zarafa-postfixadmin-worker with pietma/zarafa-postfixadmin? [Y/n]
    resolving dependencies…
    looking for conflicting packages…
    error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
    :: perl-dbi: requires perl<5.25
    :: perl-dbd-mysql: requires perl<5.25


    1. Hey Christiaan,

      it seems your perl was updated during another run of pacman or the update script. A downgrade of the perl package might help.

      Downloaded and installed packages are cached in…
      $ cd /var/cache/pacman/pkg/

      Try to find a perl package lower then 5.25 and install it via pacman…
      $pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/perl-5.24.0-2-armv7h.pkg.tar.xz

      Badly I couldn’t setup a repository (to little space) with all possible packages that work with the last zarafa packages. Alternativly I serve an Arch Linux Image that works with the last zarafa packages. In consequence, there are two possible solutions to do an update…
      1.) Wait for the Zarafa packages to build for the last Arch Linux and update your system then – which will be after migration to Kopano
      2.) Create a new system with the last working Arch Linux from pietma repository (avoid pacman –U) –

      Option 2.) will be the earliest solution you’ll get.

      Zarafa doesn’t compile with the last OpenSSL ABI. Since almost everything of relevance depends on OpenSSL, I couldn’t serve an old version without braking your OS. The only solution is to move to Kopano, which will happen somewhere in october. Right now I’m way to busy for this.

      I wish I had a better solution. However, I hope this advice was helpful for you.



  3. Hi Marti,

    It already a while ago that I wanted to update the zarafa server.
    I tried to upgrade to kopano, without success, so I have let this go for some time, because the users/store migration wasn’t going as expected.

    So I tried to update the system again and ran into the following issue when using pacman -Sy.
    It seems that there is some certificate issue when updating the pietma repo:

    # pacman -Sy
    :: Synchronizing package databases…
    error: failed retrieving file ‘pietma.db’ from : SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired
    error: failed to update pietma (download library error)
    core is up to date
    extra is up to date
    community is up to date
    alarm is up to date
    aur is up to date

    How can I solve this?
    Can you walk me through with the commands to fix this.



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