Zarafa packages for Arch Linux

Quick Demo – Running on Raspberry Pi 2



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Zarafa 7.2.5 Is Available

I’m glad to announce the availability of zarafa-7.2.5 for Arch Linux ARMv7/x64/i686.


Security alert for zarafa-server-7.2.4-100 (beginning 2016-12-10)

Thanks to a very dedicated user (Mike) a serious security issue has been found in the default configuration. This bug allows user to access data of any known email account on your system. Details zarafa-gateway.service and ical.service are executed as zarafa user. This causes zarafa-server to answer any request as if it came from the…

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Manage Zarafa- and Postfix-Users

Small office or home setups of Zarafa are not connected to LDAP, Active Directory or other enterprise user management systems. For this purpose Zarafa servers come with an integrated command line user management. Unfortunately persons who are responsible for mailbox administration don’t always have technical skills or command line root access. On the other hand…

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Update Zarafa on Arch Linux

Is your Zarafa installation running for a while? I’m glad you made it! Have you ever wished for an easy way to update? Then you’re at the right place to read on.


Zarafa packages for Arch Linux – Compatibility/Overview

Do you want to know if your system is able to run Zarafa packages for Arch Linux? Or are you just curious about the latest release and updates? Here’s a little overview of compatible devices and available Zarafa packages for Arch Linux.


Zarafa packages for Arch Linux x64 and i686

Today I’m glad to announce release of the new Zarafa packages for Archlinux on x64 and i686 systems. Just follow the post for Arch Linux ARM and use its repository. The package has been renamed to zarafa-server and all posts have been changed according to this. The transition from zarafa-server-arm to zarafa-server package will be…

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Optimize Zarafa and MySQL / MariaDB

Is your Zarafa installation up and running? Great job! If you haven’t thought about changing the default settings yet, then you’ve come to the right place.


Install, Run and access Zarafa

You’d like to try or use Zarafa on Arch Linux? Awesome! So you’re at the right place to read on and bring it to life.


Zarafa packages for Arch Linux ARM / x86 / i686

Lately someone asked me for help with his Zarafa-Server on his RaspberryPi 2 (ARM). He tried to build an installation package with my MAKEPKG file from Archlinux User Repository. But shortly I realized that it’s a pain compiling with gcc 5 on his system. So that nobody else has to go through this, I decided…

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Zarafa Mailserver

It’s hard to explain how much work it is to setup your own private state of the art private mail service. The list of components to care of might be pretty scary. But from my own expirience I can tell, it’s possible! That’s why I decided to write some tutorial about this and share my…

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